Proshop: +1-306-792-4600

accomodations: +1-306-792-4615

1 Spiritwood Lane RR3 Good Spirit Acres SK S0A 0L1 CA


Teeing Off & Rules of Play

- All golfers must check in to the proshop prior to golfing.

- Golfers with tee times will take precedence over walk-ons.

- Ensure to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your tee time.

- Tee time may be given away if golfers do not arrive on time. To avoid disappointment, ensure to contact the proshop if you are going to be late.

- Anyone caught stealing golf will be subject to consequences and the police may be involved.

- Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult on course premises and it is considered "At Own Risk".

- RCGA rules of golf apply. Other details about rules and etiquette are available on our score card.

- Take note of and follow the signs on the premises (i.e. carts are not to be driven on out of bound zones and are not permitted to leave course area).

Dress Code

- Proper golf attire is to be worn at all times.

- No beach wear allowed: bathing suits, shirts that show midriff, muscle shirts, etc.

- Shorts inseam must be 4 inches or longer.

Alcohol and Conduct

- By law, no unauthorized liquor (i.e. not purchased from golf course) is allowed on the premises per our liquor license. We reserve the right to confiscate all unauthorized liquor and violators may be asked to leave the course.

- We have a zero tolerance policy for physical and verbal abuse as well as belligerent behaviour. Anyone disrespecting staff, customers and property will be asked to leave and may be banned from the course.

- Customers deliberately damaging property will be fined.

Inclement Weather and Rain Check Policy

- Onus is on golfer to cancel tee time due to inclement weather.

- If there is severe weather or lightning, golfers should return to the clubhouse.

- We reserve the right to close the course when weather is deemed unsafe for golfing.

- Refunds will not be given if golfers cannot continue their round due to weather, however rain checks will be given out at the discretion of staff, where appropriate.

Cancellation Policy

- Golfers are required to cancel their booking 24 hours in advance.

- Same day cancellations due to weather or extenuating circumstance should be no later than 1 hour prior to tee time.

- No shows may be barred from booking tee times in the future.

- If you need to modify your reservation (more or less golfers are coming) please let us know in advance.

Cart Rental Policy

In consideration of the rental of the power cart(s) by me, I agree to return the cart(s) immediately after the completion of my round in as good condition as I received same, normal 
wear being accepted. I agree to pay Good Spirit Golf Resort for any damages to the cart(s), golf course, equipment or facilities caused by the use of the cart(s). Damage shall include the loss of use of the cart(s) while being repaired. I agree to be personally responsible for any bodily harm and/or property damage done by reason of use of the said cart(s). I promise and further agree to hold the golf course and/or the owners of the cart(s) free and harmless from any damage or claims of any nature whatsoever that may rise 
through use of said cart(s). At no time will I permit any person under the age of 16 to operate the power cart(s).